About Mary lamar

I, Mary Lamar the owner of CyberTec,LLC am responsible for making a difference in Technology all across the world online as well as in stores. I am experienced in technology products as well as IT Consulting. Driven by Technology, I take pride in providing the best services possible in sales, repairs, upgrades and more. As the owner, my goals include commercial and residential IT services for the greater Montgomery Area. In 2022, CyberTec, LLC joined the Chambers of Commerce and Technology Advisory Committee. CyberTec, LLC vision is to build the world’s largest platform for connecting and empowering untapped communities.

CyberTec,LLC brings top-rated technology services to your most comfortable location – whether that be your home, school, office, salon, or hotel, etc. The CyberTec,LLC team aims to provide these services to anyone who needs them, anytime. The company is currently generating revenue and has a high satisfaction rate from a recurring customer base. CyberTec,LLC was founded by Mary Lamar in 2019.

My primary job functions have extensive backgrounds in software engineering, technology development, corporate finance, and bringing consumer technology products to market acquisition strategy and add new features and functionality to its technology products. My company, CyberTec,LLC has been recognized throughout the community for my commitment, dedication, determination, and dependability. With these IT certifications our goal is to help every person get the career they deserve.


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